A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

Hello all you lovelies. It has been a minute since I have been on here. My PC computer was so frustrating and would constantly turn off/delete/not work that I just was not able to get anything done on it. I had planned on getting a laptop once we moved into our new home in February and start up blogging then but guess what…



Sweet hubby surprised me with this on Christmas morning. I am so excited. Even though I have no clue how anything on it works I am grateful that it doesn’t have an agenda to freeze every hour.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!! Originally I was going to do a gift post, or a new New Years resolution post but lets face it we have all seen many of those so I decided to just do a random one haha. I feel like everyone is in limbo between Christmas Eve and New Years Day anyway.

This year we decided to give our kids just one large gift, instead of many little ones. The pre teen years have proven to be a hard thing to shop for. Sometimes I miss the days of coloring books and stuffed animals. Although they were spendy the gifts are something that both of them are passionate about so we felt like it was a great investment.

They were both in heaven!!!

After Christmas we took the day to re coup because between the 4:40 am wake up call from the kiddos and a family Christmas of 40 people, we were all exhausted. David left for a snowmobiling trip with his brothers the next day and although we miss him terribly when he goes, I try to make the time I have with the kiddos special. We had lots of friends over and went sledding, which was so much fun!!!


And after the busy days I treated the kids to a little movie night


Express was having a major sale!!! So i went and snagged an outfit for a deal that can’t be beat. They don’t have what i got online, I’m thinking all their clearance stuff varies by store. Both of these items are such classic pieces and under $20 each!


Nordstrom is also having a major sale, I ordered this basic in two colors.


I’ve been cooking up some major comfort food and loving every minute of it.

Classic home made tomato soup and grilled cheese.

And nothing says comfort food like chili and cornbread

Hope you all lovelies have an amazing New Year. I am excited as to what 2018 has in store for our family. I think 2017 has definitely  been one of faith for me and I just know that the Lord has even greater plans.

See you next year!!!

Love, XoXo Julia


Express and Lunch

It’s that time of year when everything seems to be going in hyper speed. End of the school year, dance competitions, beginning of sports, tons of work and of course all those beautiful days that you just want to soak in as much as you can. In addition to all the wonderful adventures and memories that summer holds, we have been blessed to buy land and build our forever home. The excitement is too much for me to even express. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible, but good thing our God’s plans are so much grander than our silly little dreams. I’ll be documenting the building process through the blog and Instagram, but for now all we have is a large piece of dirt and a blueprint.

I went shopping with my girlfriend this past weekend and got the cutest outfits for summer. Most of my shopping actually happened at Express. I don’t buy a ton there so I was surprised I had found so many cute and simple things for summer. Here are a few of what I scored on their Memorial Day sale.


I have been eyeing this dress since I saw it on Instagram a few weeks ago but I had no idea it was at Express. Imagine my excitement when there it was. Of course I snatched it up! I also got a few pairs of jeans. Even though I was shopping for summer clothes, I always buy jeans if I see a pair (or 2) that I like.


Love the distress on these jeans and the fit couldn’t be more perfect.


I have been excited about trying the frayed bottom jeans. I think I may have to trim the fray just a tad for it to work for me.


This shirt is so soft I bought it in two colors!


This shirt is perfect with jeans, shorts or jean skirt. I got mine in a pale pink and cannot wait to wear it.


This soft tie front shirt is super cute with some high waisted jeans.


Also grabbed these Guess sandals for more casual days.

Now that summer is officially here I have been working on re vamping my grocery and meal planning ideas.  I love Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain .My family loves her Sesame Orange Chicken along with many other favorites.


My kids also love tacos, so we usually have them about once every 2 weeks or so.

And the best is when you can sneak in a mini lunch date with your love on the patio with a delicious spread like this one.


Love, XoXo Julia


It has been a heck of a week. Feels like I’m running on a hamster wheel and obviously not getting anywhere fast. And then I look on my calendar as to whats to come, and a sense of panic comes over me. I have a very bad habit of taking on too much. For some reason I have convinced myself that I can do it all, plus add in a few other things for good measure. I go go go and then one day I just run out of gas and boom my engine blows up. Like my analogy there? So I am trying to figure out a way to still do it all but without all the mental craziness that goes along with it. If any of you super moms have advice on this please please share it with me!

Buuut the show must go to so, unto the Friday Favorites this week!!! I mean I still have favorites even on weeks when I lose my mind.


Shay’s over at MixnMatchMama’s recipes never disappoint. I loved this on a busy Thursday night!



It is supposed to be low 70’s this weekend and that makes this girl super happy. I am so excited for fall clothes, fall smells, fall leaves…just all this fall.


I put on a long sleeved shirt and booties this past weekend for a dinner out. It was still too hot, but for the hour I did have it on, I loved it!



This man right here..I am so grateful that I get to do life with my best friend.


I am loving these 90 Degrees leggings/yogas. They wash perfect and are super comfy for all those workouts and spontaneous trips to the grocery store.



large (1)
Don’t know that this is a favorite…but I am putting it on here for my own accountability. I need to get my stuff together ya’ll. It has been a very fun summer full of great friends, lazy pool days and tons and tons of food. I am making an exercise plan and meal plan to start in the next few days. Hoping to get back down to my ideal weight within the next month or so. I am thinking of doing updates throughout the week, but haven’t fully decided how I’m going to do it yet. I’ll keep you updated.

Well that’s all for this week. See you Monday for the weekly wrap up!

Love XoXo, Julia


Friday Favorites!

Short week this week and it’s going to be in the 50’s tomorrow…I mean has spring sprung early or what? I am doing my first ever link up with my absolute favorite bloggers!



These two are my absolute favorite of course! The were playing dress up with mine and Davids clothes. What was NOT my favorite was the fact that Lanna could fit into nearly almost all my clothes and all my shoes. How did that happen?


Shay @mixnmatchmama has THE best recipes. I am always trying something of hers. This week we had her “Baked Queso Tacos” and let me tell you they did not disappoint.

I am a total book worm. My current favorites are Liane Moriarty and Elin Hilderbrand for a light read. I am determined to read every singe one of their books….only have a few left.


I also love love anything to do with Parisian style and culture. Ive read many books but I keep Jennifer L Scott’s “Madame Chic” collection on my nightstand because 1) they look pretty and 2) to remind myself that even folding laundry should be done with style and grace, because lets face it I need that reminder a lot!


Since (hopefully) Spring is arrving early I have been itching to spring clean, give some rooms a face lift and try out a few new styles . I am on Pinterest over load looking for Inspiration. We have a love/hate relationship.

On Tuesday the girls shared their favorite Pins. I just have much too many. But this one pin makes me a bit happy and excited.


Have beautiful weekend everyone!

Love Xo, Julia


Leap of Faith

I feel as though I have been contemplating and praying about this first entry forever. Its been about a year since God put it on my heart to start a blog…lets just say I haven’t been fast to act. Finally my husband encouraged me to go for it, and well with his full support here I am. Although I’m not quiet sure where this will lead, I do know that I love writing, fashion, decorating, cooking and people. I am excited to reach and connect with others and really, like the title says “take this leap of faith”.

This past week has been a bit crazy. My favorite blogger Shay over at @mixnmatchmama does a “Life Lately” post once a week. I thought I’d start off with something along the lines of that and then branch off.

My hubby took off on his annual a snowmobiling trip with his brothers. I think its so wonderful that they get to have these moments together. Before he left we went and took the kiddos bowling and play at the arcade to a place near our home.


This is us, getting ready to have a very competitive game.


By the middle of the game Lanna and I have figured out that we would not be winning…not even by a long shot.

I love this little monkey of mine!
On Friday my kids school hosts an annual “Family Fun Night”. They have food, face painting, games, a DJ and tons of crazy happy kids running around. I did not take not one picture even though I specifically brought my phone in for that reason (go figure). I feel so lucky that our school puts such a focus on family and community.


That’s my little man in the neon outfit
 On Saturday Braden had his last basketball game. It was his first year doing basketball and it was a blast to watch him learn a new sport.

A long Saturday afternoon nap and Sushi for dinner was in our future that night 🙂



Monday is always the most hectic day for us, as I’m sure it is for all of you.  Somewhere between carpool, work, dance, homework and dinner I knew Id be drinking a lot of coffee. So…what better way to start it off then with a cute outfit (my way of thinking).

I am absolutely loving this vest from Eddie Bauer this year, it is on constant repeat.
Braden started Chess Club this year so on Tuesday while he was away playing the “game of kings”, Lanna and I did what we do best….we went to Starbucks

Chai Latte with soy for me and Cotton Candy frap for her
We have been remodeling our house since we moved in…6 years ago! It’s been a process but we love it. I’ll be doing a ton of remodeling decorating posts. Our living room has been done for about 5 months but has yet to be decorated. We purchased a new couch, rug, chair and coffee table and kind of left it at that. I had a few moments to spare on Wednesday, so I stopped in at Marshalls and picked up a few random things…one of which was a cream pillow with a rust gold detail. This one pillow will now shape the way my living room looks. I am excited to start decorating this space finally…and to think it all started with a pillow.

I love the random goodies I always find.
It was a Hunter wellies sort of day and I did not complain. Any reason to wear them is a good one for me.


My kids make “Valentines Day Boxes” every year for their classroom treats. So we went and gathered all the supplies and began the masterpieces.

Braden’s Dude
Lanna’s Unicorn
Class Vday Party:

And if anyone needs me I’ll be up all night making 75 of these bad boys!

Hope this first post lets you in on a little bit of my personality, life and passions. Have a wonderful weekend!