Blue Hair Don’t Care

Hi all you lovelies. Second week of the New Year is upon us and I genuinely hope you all are still enjoying all your resolutions and working to make all those dreams reality. Trust me I need just as much encouragement, so I am inadvertently talking to myself here. I just wanted to hop on here and share a little bit of a judgement lesson.

Over winter break my sweet girl decided to dye her hair a beautiful aquamarine color. She had already gone through the process of bleaching it about 6 months back and her ultimate goal was always to add in color. Now my daughter is almost 14, so self expression is very important. Let me also mention that this girl is super involved with our church, loves Jesus to no end, is on the A honor roll, does not have social media, respectful, kind and truly shuts down judgement about anyone. She has a heart of gold and believes that everyone has something good in them whether we see it or not.

Now, I would also like to say that my husband and I are pretty strict with out kids. That being said, she does not have social media, does not date, sleeps over only at a few close friends’ homes because we know the family. She does not swear, does not lie and really is just a good girl. That’s it, she’s just a good girl.

I say all this because the backlash on the blue hair is ridiculous and shows just how immature and really blind adults are…not kids, adults!!!

Parents will say “how could you let her dye it blue” or “I would NEVER let my child do that. My response is this:

I would never let my child have snap chat and talk to strangers. I would never let my child leave the house with her butt hanging out. I would never let my child spend the night at a home where I did not know the responsible adults. I would never let my child be a bully. I would never let my child disrespect me. You would never let your child have blue hair, but you allow all these other things?

If I have to choose between blue, purple, pink or orange hair over any of the things I mentioned above….goodness bring on the rainbow.

As adults, we should know better. We should be the ones teaching our kids about what truly matters in life, and believe me it is not the color of your hair. I know that raising my daughter to be a good person is what matters. What are we teaching our kids if the measure of being accepted and loved is based on conformity? My prayers for my daughter are that she is strong, caring, kind, loving, faithful, and a God fearing woman. All these things I pray whether she has blond, blue, brown or rainbow hair.

XoXo Julia

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