Skin Care & Discipline

Hello all you lovelies!!! I know the title is random, but I really couldn’t think of a better one. With it being the New Year, I know we all have resolutions that involve weight loss, drinking more water, being more positive, being patient, saving money, following through on dreams we have been dreaming and taking chances we are all too afraid to take. My New Year resolution is….Washing my face before bed….EVERY night.

I know what you are thinking…come on girl really? That is your main resolution? And although I have a list pages long of goals and things I hope to accomplish……number one is WASHING MY FACE!

Here is why: For me, washing my face at night is the hardest thing. I absolutely dread it. I don’t know why but what I have realized is that when I am disciplined to wash my face every night, I am disciplined in all other aspects of my life.

I know it sounds silly. but think about it. What is the one thing that you do that maybe you don’t like to do but once you do it, it makes you feel like “ok I have my stuff together”. For many it’s working out, for some its cooking a good meal, others it’s not having that piece of chocolate cake, or maybe it’s resisting a purchase.

For me it’s this; washing my face . Even as I type it I’m laughing. Everyone has something right? I wish mine was more exciting haha.

But I am happy to say that we are on day 7 and I am rocking my resolution and with it all my other goals. Because if I can get my butt to that Clarisonic after my days then I know I value my skin and keeping it healthy. In turn the next morning I will:

*wake up and read my bible, to keep me sane and fuel my mind and soul. *work out to keep my body energetic, *eat clean so I can use food as my medicine *spend less so as not to only have more money but to show that I have all I need and I am not controlled by consumerism *have more patience and show more kindness because lets face it we are all just trying to navigate through this life the best we know how. Every one of us could use more grace in our life

And after all that end up back with the Clarisonic at night because I have been disciplined all day leading up to it. Funny how something so little can have such a huge effect.

XoXo, Julia

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