Busy Busy Busy

That was us not so long ago….always busy busy busy. Somehow we fell into the trap of modern days society of what our family life should look like. We have a boy so of course he must play a sport every season. We have a girl so of course she must dance all year long. On top of that they surely must take music lessons to give them a variety of activities and lets not forget school clubs and social functions.

I don’t know when being busy became so glorified. Does it make people sound more important or wanted. Does it make you feel like you have more of a purpose than the “not busy” ones. I don’t know….but I do know that it is exhausting and draining. You go go go and once you stop you realize that you are missing out on the very things you are so busy working for.

I am not sure what day or how it happened but I remember sitting at dinner with my husband and saying enough is enough. We were missing our kids. Although we were at every practice, every game and every event it just felt like we were going through the motions of what parenting in America should look like. Coincidentally our kids had the same thought and within a few months of each other had asked if they could not continue with their respective sports for the following season. Their reasons were both the same ” we just want to be kids”.

How simple right? All they wanted was to be home. They wanted to have dinner as a family. They wanted to run and explore outside. They wanted to have spontaneous family dates. They wanted to sleep in on Saturday morning and be present at church on Sundays. It was so simple and yet something that they had been missing out on.

At that moment we had decided that what was best for our family was to pull our kids from all their activities…..not just one but all of them come next season. We have had people question our judgement and our decision but they are our kids and we feel that this is the absolute best thing we can do for them.

Our daughter spent countless hours at dance knowing that her true passion was music and art. Why spend hours at dance when you can be home painting outside with mother nature listening to your favorite record.

Our son hates being competitive in sports but he loves one on one music lessons so why not allow him to have free time to play the drums and have creativity making new beats.

We realized by having our kids be a part of everything, they were getting lost as to who they were created to be. God created them with their own gifts and talents and purpose.

So now we have time. Some days are filled with golfing as a family. Some days are filled with working outside. Some days are filled with board games and riding ATVs around our land and some days are filled with absolutely nothing….and some times those are the best days.


Love XoXo, Julia



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