Weekend Wrap Up and a Love Thought

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Valentines Day. Our weekend was filled with lots of family time, a little date time and much needed laid back rest. The post is short and sweet, because 90% of Sunday was spent wrapped in a blanket watching cheesy movies. The kids both had Valentines day parties with games candy and more candy. I absolutely love both of my kids teachers. Sometimes I wish I could just keep them for all existing years.  Our candy kabobs were a hit, so my sore fingers were completely worth it. Pinterest made these things seem so simple (and pain free), let me just tell you that putting 450 gummies on a stick is not an easy task! 20160211_185856[1]


20160213_115056[1]I had to wear my new shirt to lunch that I bought the other day, because lets face it these are some true words.




We don’t celebrate Valentines Day, never have. But..since my hubby just got back in town and because grandma was wonderful enough to keep the kids overnight, David and I went out on Saturday night. The picture is dark, can’t see us at all, but we are somewhere in there smiling.


We went to a Mediterranean restaurant by our house which we absolutely love. We love it so much that we actually had our wedding ceremony there. On Saturday nights they have a salsa dancing band come and it is tons of fun. Although neither David nor I know how to salsa we always give it a shot and always end up having a lot of fun. There is a gentleman there by the name of Ed. Now I don’t exactly recall how we met Ed about 5 years ago but I am always so happy that we did. He is 81 and God bless him because he is as healthy and energetic as any 30 year old. His wife passed a few years back and I always imagine that they had the perfect sweet little marriage. He happened to be there on Saturday night so we invited him to have dinner with us. I am so glad we did. He had so many wonderful stories to say about a time that I have only read about it books. You could just tell that he has really lived a fulfilled life. He talked about his wife and how they did everything together, about how they raised their 3 girls and about the many adventures they had. It was such a treat to hear about a real life love story. All of his great stories included her, all the great memories had her as a star. I loved every minute of that dinner. As I looked at my husband when Ed was telling us another story about the crazy mischief he used to get into, I realized that he is my true love story. That no Valentines Day, no anniversary, no diamond, no vacation, nothing could truly compare to the day to day joy I have of just being his wife. It’s funny how a simple man, with simple stories, from a simpler time can really make you see how truly spectacular it is to just simply be in love.

IMG_20160206_174756[1]Love xo, Julia

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