Leap of Faith

I feel as though I have been contemplating and praying about this first entry forever. Its been about a year since God put it on my heart to start a blog…lets just say I haven’t been fast to act. Finally my husband encouraged me to go for it, and well with his full support here I am. Although I’m not quiet sure where this will lead, I do know that I love writing, fashion, decorating, cooking and people. I am excited to reach and connect with others and really, like the title says “take this leap of faith”.

This past week has been a bit crazy. My favorite blogger Shay over at @mixnmatchmama does a “Life Lately” post once a week. I thought I’d start off with something along the lines of that and then branch off.

My hubby took off on his annual a snowmobiling trip with his brothers. I think its so wonderful that they get to have these moments together. Before he left we went and took the kiddos bowling and play at the arcade to a place near our home.


This is us, getting ready to have a very competitive game.


By the middle of the game Lanna and I have figured out that we would not be winning…not even by a long shot.

I love this little monkey of mine!
On Friday my kids school hosts an annual “Family Fun Night”. They have food, face painting, games, a DJ and tons of crazy happy kids running around. I did not take not one picture even though I specifically brought my phone in for that reason (go figure). I feel so lucky that our school puts such a focus on family and community.


That’s my little man in the neon outfit
 On Saturday Braden had his last basketball game. It was his first year doing basketball and it was a blast to watch him learn a new sport.

A long Saturday afternoon nap and Sushi for dinner was in our future that night 🙂



Monday is always the most hectic day for us, as I’m sure it is for all of you.  Somewhere between carpool, work, dance, homework and dinner I knew Id be drinking a lot of coffee. So…what better way to start it off then with a cute outfit (my way of thinking).

I am absolutely loving this vest from Eddie Bauer this year, it is on constant repeat.
Braden started Chess Club this year so on Tuesday while he was away playing the “game of kings”, Lanna and I did what we do best….we went to Starbucks

Chai Latte with soy for me and Cotton Candy frap for her
We have been remodeling our house since we moved in…6 years ago! It’s been a process but we love it. I’ll be doing a ton of remodeling decorating posts. Our living room has been done for about 5 months but has yet to be decorated. We purchased a new couch, rug, chair and coffee table and kind of left it at that. I had a few moments to spare on Wednesday, so I stopped in at Marshalls and picked up a few random things…one of which was a cream pillow with a rust gold detail. This one pillow will now shape the way my living room looks. I am excited to start decorating this space finally…and to think it all started with a pillow.

I love the random goodies I always find.
It was a Hunter wellies sort of day and I did not complain. Any reason to wear them is a good one for me.


My kids make “Valentines Day Boxes” every year for their classroom treats. So we went and gathered all the supplies and began the masterpieces.

Braden’s Dude
Lanna’s Unicorn
Class Vday Party:

And if anyone needs me I’ll be up all night making 75 of these bad boys!

Hope this first post lets you in on a little bit of my personality, life and passions. Have a wonderful weekend!





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